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A confident view
on nutrition

Milk thistle extract to support liver function

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Dog food

A confident view
on nutrition

Proven recipe!

More about products

maximum professionality of the recipe creators

unique recipes compiled on the basis of many years of experience of its creators

up to 94% animal proteins

its parameters make Nativia one of the leading brands on the market

free of potential allergens

Nativia products contain only rice and thus do not contain potential allergens from soy, corn or wheat

extract of chicory and Enterococcus faecium

prebiotic and probiotic for the treatment of intestinal microflora and boost the immune system


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26. 5. 2017 - Since the time the dog has accompanied us on our journey through life, he began to be used for work and to amuse its master. Originally he guarded herds and dwellings, accompanied humans on hunting ...
24. 4. 2015 - Once upon a time there was a beautiful sunny day just like today in 22.5.2012. The very first bag of Nativia brand saw the light of the word. No one believed that we can succeed on already crowded ...
14. 4. 2015 - Let us introduce our new product range for dogs with fresh meat. As you noticed we have 3 kinds of taste as RABBIT&RICE, BEEF&RICE and CHICKEN&RICE of course free of grain, only high ...
7. 2. 2014 - A glycemic index (GI) is a theoretical value representing the characteristics of a single raw material. However, foods are a mix of many raw materials that will have an impact on the final result. GI ...


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