Nativia celebrates

hguOnce upon a time there was a beautiful sunny day just like today in 22.5.2012. The very first bag of Nativia brand saw the light of the word. No one believed that we can succeed on already crowded market among global brands. Moreover, with the idea of healthy life style, quality raw materials and marketing communication. We have 3 years of Nativia brand today on the market. Its share is not in tens of percent but is measurable.

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New products with REAL MEAT

nativiafp - gbLet us introduce our new product range for dogs with fresh meat. As you noticed we have 3 kinds of taste as RABBIT&RICE, BEEF&RICE and CHICKEN&RICE of course free of grain, only high quality digestible rice.

Our new product range contains up to 89% of protein of animal origin. Source of protein is fresh chicken meat, fresh rabbit meat, fresh beef meat, hydrolysed protein of salmon, hydrolysed chicken meat and liver.

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New product - Nativia Active

active-na-webDear friends of Nativia brand,

let us briefly introduce our product Nativia Active.

As the name suggests, composition of the product is designed for active dogs who need food with sufficient energy in concentrated form. That is why the recipe contains pork fat.
We continue in the logic of our brand "grain free - rice only". This means the product doesn't contain grain, only high quality and highly digestible rice.

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Nativia versus mycotoxins

mykotoxins-150xDear fans of Nativia brand,

Please follow closely our website where you will find soon the results of the test for mycotoxin content in our foods. Mycotoxins are poisonous and very dangerous metabolites capable to cause harm even in small dosage. They may enter the food mainly from plant material affected by fungi during growth or in storage. To make sure that our products are safe in this regard, we sent a sample of our foods to Alltech laboratories in the USA, which perform the most extensive tests for mycotoxins in foods and materials - in total, they determine 37 different types of mycotoxins.

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Nativia at the University

vfu-duben-2014-150xAt the beginning of the last year we addressed representatives of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences to present Nativia s.r.o., and its philosophy with an offering to contribute to the education of future vets and basically everyone who will be working in the petfood field.

In April 2013, and for the first time ever, Nativia s.r.o. made an appearance on the academic soil to give a lecture on kibble manufacturing technology. As in the last year, we were pleased again to accept the invitation of Prof. Pavel Suchý, the rector of VFU Brno to attend the instruction of future vets and we presented our hands-on view of the basis of nutrition of dogs and cats to students of the second year. The students learnt how to calculate the energy value of food and energy need of an animal. In addition, the lecture gave an overview of the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and recommended energy nutrition values for each category.

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